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Traditional Buddha Dhamma Añjali Practice

Since the time of the Buddha, the humane practice of Añjali along with the Namaskara and the Pratāna, “Sukhi hotu” was readily extended among bhikkhus and bhikkhunis (monks and nuns) as an expression of unconditional friendliness and boundless compassion as members of the selfless monastic community. In the same spirit, Dhammaputris and Dhammaputras customarily expressed Añjali to the Maha Sangha (Monastic Order of Monks and Nuns).

In keeping with the Buddha’s Sublime Teaching of the Oneness of Humankind, the greeting was similarly practiced between and among, Dhammaputris and Dhammaputras as an expression of respect towards fellow human beings as kith and kin, belonging to one race namely, the Human Race.


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