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Lord Buddha with monks


Provide free resources to fully manifest one’s innate potential and skills as taught by Buddha.

Conduct free holistic training programs, workshops and public sessions based on the Sublime Teachings of the Buddha on ‘Being Human’.

Provide guidelines for manifesting aspirations in life according to the Buddha Dhamma.

Provide Samma Ditti or Right Understanding of the underlying conditions and causes of the challenges confronting oneself and the world.

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lotus Flower
Control your Mind

The Buddha declared, “In the past, this mind had wandered as it liked, wherever it liked, at its own pleasure. Now I control my mind wisely, as a mahout holds in check an elephant in rut.”

buddha statue
Lord buddha
Law of Cause and Effect

Just as rust is formed from iron, and corrodes the iron from which it is formed; Likewise, unwholesome deeds lead the transgressor to a lower plane of existence.

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Associate with the Virtuous

Heath is the highest gain. Contentment is the greatest wealth. The trusted are the best kinsmen. Nibbana is the highest bliss. Associate with the wise, the enduring, and the dutiful; Just as the moon follows the starry path.

Gal Viharaya, Polonnarua, Sri Lanka
Buddhist monk
buddha statue

Words Of Wisdom

The path to Enlightenment

One to be noble and take the journey into the noble path one should follow basic footsteps towards changing the way we live and find true happiness.

Vatadagaya, Polonnarua, Sri Lanka
liyawela pattern
Liyawela pattern


We believe that in establishing the practice of Buddhism in everyday life, people would be able to live skilfully and experience a contented and fulfilling life in a much-needed environment of harmony and peace.

Our effort is to make available various resources focusing on the practice and practical application of Buddhism in daily life. 

Dr.Ananda Kumaraseri

Our Blog

We update articles via our blog regularly. Various writers share their knowledge, practices, guidance via these blog articles. Explore and learn more. 

Abhayagiri Dagoba, Anuradhapura,Sri Lanka
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buddha statue

Free eBooks


Sukhi hotu

​Practice and Practical Application of
Buddhism in Daily Life

Way to Actualize Excellence


Provide guidance on the skillful practice and practical application of the Buddha Dhamma in daily life to;

Actualize excellence, well-being, happiness, abundance, and inner peace.

Foster Holistic Buddhist Education and Pedagogy for ‘ being human ‘.

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