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About us

Our mission is to make available various recourses focusing on Buddhism's practice and practical application in daily life.

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What Sets Us Apart

Our mission is to make available various recourses focusing on the practice and practical application of Buddhism in daily life. These include educational tools such as books, articles, audio, and video recordings on subject-matters such as on how to enjoy a happy married life, the sacredness of motherhood, holistic parenthood, welcoming the birth of a child, holistic childcare and development, infant learning, holistic education, primary and secondary socializing of children, managing healthy and happy relationships and actualizing excellence. We are confident that the resources and networking opportunities offered would help individuals to internalize the Buddha’s Teaching and realize success, well-being, happiness, and peace here and now in this very life.

We believe that in establishing the practice of Buddhism in everyday life, people would be able to live skilfully and experience a contented and fulfilling life in a much-needed environment of harmony and peace. For, they would be not only at peace with themselves but also with Mother Nature as they become ever mindful of the reality that they are an integral part of society and Nature all around. It is in this spirit of promoting a universal consciousness of the oneness of humanity that we cordially invite all interested individuals and organizations to join us in our collaborative venture to encourage the practice and practical application of the Noble Teachings of the Buddha in daily life. We pray that our humble efforts would help to foster a more peaceful and harmonious world and a truly sustainable environment.

In line with the foregoing aims and objectives, our wide ranges of activities include :

Publishing books and other educational materials especially given the lacuna of materials on the internalization of Buddhism in daily life. The priority is to produce educational tools for children and teenagers based on Buddhist Education and Pedagogy. These educational materials which incorporate the Buddha’s teaching methods and techniques such as interactive learning, simulation, role-play, and experiential learning are aimed at rendering learning a fun-filled and impactful experience. We are convinced that human values, morals, and ethics would be more readily internalized in children through such a holistic approach to education. Also, this would encourage the young to be self-directed learners.

What We do
Articles and our blog

Posting articles and occasional papers on the practice and practical application of Buddhism, particularly relating to enjoying a happy married life, fostering a holistic family life, and Buddhist Education and Pedagogy.

Developement e-learning content

Development of e-learning materials relating to item 1. The production of these educational tools would enable a larger number of children to benefit from learning and practicing the Dhamma in a fun way.

Events, Seminars and Workshops

Dhamma Talks, seminars, workshops, and interviews in the audio and video formats focusing primarily on item 1 above. These recordings would serve to illustrate how individuals and organizations can encourage the internalization of Buddhism in daily life. We envisage that these Dhamma Talks and interviews would be replicated and circulated globally.


Periodical newsletters to update the community on projects and programs undertaken by the Human Development and Peace (HDP) Foundation.

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