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ASOKA ARAMAYA (Buddha Dhamma Resource Centre)

The Asoka Aramaya set up under the Human Development and Peace Foundation (HDP) Foundation is located at 510A Old Kottawa Road, Nugegoda. Its primary aim is to promote the actualization of an Ariya Samaja in keeping with the sublime teaching of the Buddha. The Aramaya aims to provide free services and resources for the propagation of the Buddha Dhamma and welfare services for society.  This includes free- English and other language classes, Bhavana Practice, Counselling, Seminars, and Workshops focusing on Personal Development, Mother Care, Parenting, Holistic Education, and peace.

​ASOKA ARAMAYA (Buddha Dhamma Resource Centre)
“Sukhi hotu”

To provide guidance on the skillful practice and practical application of the Buddha Dhamma in daily life in order to actualize excellence, wellbeing, happiness, abundance, and inner peace. Another key goal is to promote Holistic Buddhist Education and Pedagogy (teaching methods and techniques).


The Asoka Aramaya’s Vision is:
The Asoka Aramaya’s Vision is:

To provide free resource materials to fully manifest the innate potential, talents, and skills of persons.

Conduct free holistic training programs, seminars, workshops, and public talks based on the Sublime Teachings of the Buddha on ‘Being Human’.

Provide guidelines for manifesting aspirations in life according to the Buddha Dhamma.

Provide Samma Ditti or Right Understanding of the underlying conditions and causes of the challenges confronting people and the world.

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