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About the Founder

Our founder, Ambassador Dato’ Dr. G.K. Ananda Kumaraseri who is the President of the Human Development and Peace Foundation is a career ambassador of over 30 years standing. He retired in 1995 as Director-General ASEAN. 

Dr. G.K. Ananda Kumaraseri
“Sukhi hotu”

Dr. G.K. Ananda Kumarasiri has authored several notable books on important subjects such as the cultivation of human values, personal development, holistic education, the sacredness of motherhood. He is a much sought-after Dhamma Speaker in Malaysia and overseas. His recent treatise on holistic motherhood and parenting is widely used as a practical yet effective training manual for courses on social structuring, exacerbating social ills and crimes, such as drug abuse, AIDS, child abuse, and gender inequality. 

Dato’ G.K. Ananda Kumaraseri has carved a niche for himself in espousing the concept of “Live Buddhism” by emphasizing the practice and practical application of the Buddha’s Teachings in daily life. His landmark books include:- My First Word Book: Buddhist Holistic Education, A Compendium of Buddhist Personal Names: Heritage and Significance of Adoption, Live by Buddhism: The Way Forward, Advancing from Knowing to Being, My Alphabet Book: Holistic Education, The Terrifying Drug Menace: Relevance and Role of Buddhism, Welcoming the Birth of a Child, Angulimala : Transforming Lives, Matu-Posaka: Joy of Honouring Parents, Mothercare and Parenting: Key to Social Structuring, SIDDHARTHA : Prince of Peace, King Bimbisara the Great: A Father’s Unremitting Love, The Way of Siddhartha and SIDDHARTHA: My First Story Book,  Mother’s Boundless Love, King Bimbisara the Great: A father’s Unremitting Love, Compassionate Chinese Emperor  and the   The Great Matu Posaka, Dhamma Weera of Nagaloka, The Glorious Prince Siddhartha, Siddhartha Colouring and Drawing Book, Have Great Fun With Riddles, More Riddles to Riddle, My Book of Riddles, Chinese Basket Story : Honour Thy Parents, Compassionate Emperor Ch’eng Tang and The Spirited Smith Family.

His popular Dhamma Talks include such subjects as Personal Self-Development, Actualizing Excellence, Cultivation of a Wholesome Mental Self-Culture: Path to Success, Well-Being and Happiness. Self-actualizing Goals, Wise and Caring Parent, Imperativeness of Buddhist Education, Buddhist Education: Teaching Methods and Techniques, Buddhist Educational Tools and Training, Buddhist Education: Challenges and Opportunities, the Joy of Honouring Parents, Erosion of Filial Piety,  The Gender Issue Revisited: Social Ills and Crime: Striking at the Root, Sacredness of Motherhood, Focus on Holistic Family Life: Key to Success, Well-Being and Happiness, Holistic Childcare and Development,  Infant Learning and Development, Peace Building: Revisited, SIDDHARTHA: Role Model for Peace, Inner Peace and Tranquillity, Transforming Life Here and Now, Terrifying Drug Abuse,: Better  Prevention than  Rehabilitation, Wesak: Reflections, Glorious Buddhist Civilization and Culture.

He is available for public talks and discussions and can be contacted via for r free resources and assistance.

Dr. G.K. Ananda Kumaraseri
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