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Symbolism of the Lotus

The ever-radiant, enthralling lotus enjoys a unique pre-eminence in a wide range of cultures and civilizations. The blossom has been celebrated as a spiritual symbol, in a number of cultures.

The Lotus Symbolises the Paramitas of the Buddha

The symbolism of the lotus in the Universal Lotus Greeting is formed by gracefully and mindfully bringing the palms and ten fingers together to represent a lotus bud. This brings to mind the Dasa Pāramitās or Ten Perfections of the Buddha. They are dana (charity), sila (morality), nekkhamma (renunciation), panna (wisdom), viriya (perseverance), khanti patience), sacca (truthfulness), adhitthana (resolute(determination), mettā and upekkha equanimity).

In embracing the Universal Lotus Greeting, contemplation on the Buddha’s perfections is automatically evoked. An aspiration to develop one’s own pāramitās to realize success, well-being, happiness, inner peace, and ultimately, emancipation is thereby engendered.

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