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Compassionate Pratana embedded in the Greeting, “Sukhi hotu”

Every time the Universal Lotus Greeting, "Sukhi hotu” is practiced, the greeter invokes a compassionate pratana, regardless of the character or background of the person greeted. The latter spontaneously reciprocates in similar fashion and spirit and invokes the pratana that the greeter too blooms like the ever-radiant lotus thus: “May you too come into full bloom like the ever-radiant lotus and actualize the sublime qualities the brilliant blossom personifies by cultivating the beneficial universal life-lessons it encapsulates.”

Both the greeter and greeted thereby radiate friendliness and compassion to each other and experience, among other positive outcomes, the bliss of Brahma Vihara or Sublime spiritual and emotional abodes.

The writer greeting, ‘Sukhi hotu” to a participant at a Public Dhamma Talk organized by the Buddhist Door in Hong Kong.

Daily Practice of the Traditional Lotus Greeting

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Sukhi hotu


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