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Dhammaduta: Challenges and Opportunities

The importance of promoting the practice and practical application of the Buddha Dhamma in daily life can hardly be exaggerated. There is today a real urgency to generate a greater consciousness among people of the tremendous real benefits that can be realised by living the noble Teaching of the Buddha. This is particularly evident in respect to personal development and safeguarding one’s well-being, happiness and inner peace. To actualise this goal, we have to first of all provide the necessary guidance for the proper day-to-day application and practice of the Buddha Dhamma in easily understood, comprehensible, practical terms for the average person to understand and appreciate. This approach to Dhammaduta (peaceable propagation of the Buddha Dhamma) most certainly will go a long way in helping greater numbers of people to practise and apply the Buddha’s noble Teaching in daily life.

An urgent challenge rests with Buddhist institutions, organisations and leaders, from both the monastic and lay Sangha (community), to promote the greater practice and practical application of the Buddha Dhamma in all aspects and stages in life. An effective way to achieve this noble selfless objective is by providing guidance on how to make the Buddha Dhamma the very core of a person’s thinking, attitude and way of life. There is thus a great opportunity for those inspired to undertake selfless Dhammaduta activities, projects and programs to fill this gnawing void in resources materials to promote the universal practice and practical application of the Buddha Dhamma across the world. They can find great sraddha in actualising their selfless noble aspiration, knowing that, “The gift of the Buddha Dhamma excels all gifts”.

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