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Imperative of Self-Reliance

The evidence is plain for all to acknowledge, including those professing other religions, that throughout its over 2550 years history, the Buddha Dhamma has helped to ennoble not just individuals, but whole families, societies and entire civilizations. The benefits a person can expect to draw from living in accordance with the Noble Sublime Teaching of the Buddha are strikingly self-evident. This assertion is premised on the fact that the Buddha Dhamma is a tried and tested guide for anyone to live a meaningful responsible life. By practising the Timeless Universal Buddha Dhamma one can also expect to draw several other great benefits, including development of one's innate skills, talents and creativity to one’s fullest potential.

Viewed from the perspective of individual Dhammaputris and Dhammaputras (daughters and sons of the Buddha Dhamma respectively), the Buddha’s Noble Teaching represents a comprehensive guide for wholesome living with a particular emphasis on achieving excellence in one’s endeavours, wellness and that elusive happiness and inner peace which all of us strive to seek. In this regard, it is worthwhile for us to note the singular emphasis in the Buddha Dhamma on the actualisation of one’s personal development and progress through self-reliance.

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