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Live the Buddha Dhamma

The Buddha Dhamma is a comprehensive, proactive preventive as well as curative framework to effectively cope with the many challenges we incessantly encounter in life. In the fast-paced, stress-filled lifestyle that is characteristic of contemporary society, diligent adherence of the Buddha’s Timeless, Sublime Teaching has become imperative than ever before. The Buddha Dhamma enables us to live a wholesome meaningful life. To live by the Buddha Dhamma is to adopt a practical and common-sense approach to life. This is best achieved especially by purifying one’s mind and cultivating a wholesome mental self-culture which is the very thrust of the Sublime Dhamma the Buddha taught.

We must make the Buddha Dhamma an integral part of our very being by truly breathing and living the Buddha’s Teaching and fully benefit from doing so. Such an approach to life would enable us to effectively cope with the ever-increasing rigorous demands of modern-day living. At the same time, this will also enable us to take advantage of the vast opportunities for actualizing excellence in our various endeavours and at the same time maximize our innate talents, skills and potential.


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