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Namaskara and Inspiring Buddha Image as Spiritual Props

Traditionally the Namaskara Salutation is also regularly practiced, collectively as a congregation. Customarily, this is observed before commencing a religious ceremony or on auspicious events or special undertakings and ceremonies.

The Namaskara Salutation represents a healthy spiritual affirmation of confidence in the Ultimate Truth the Buddha unraveled and taught. One's inner self-affirmation is expressed by recalling to mind epithets of the All-Knowing and Boundlessly Compassionate Buddha as one’s Unparalleled Teacher.

Further, as a person piously recites the Namaskara, sraddha is strengthened audio-visually by focusing the mind on the ever-smiling, calm and serene Buddha image placed before her or him. In this way, Namaskara serves to establish the spiritual props for a person to reinforce the skillful practice of the Sublime Dhamma encapsulated in the Vandana Gatha. These are recited mindfully following the Namaskara Salutation to the Buddha.


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