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Resource Materials on Practice and Practical Application

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

To facilitate the goal of promoting the internalization of the Buddha Dhamma in daily life, comprehensive guidelines on the ways and means of ‘living’ the Buddha’s Sublime Teaching must be provided as a matter of priority. Attention should be given to ensure that these teaching materials are presented in easily understood practical terms in line with the holistic pedagogy, that is, the teaching methods and techniques, practiced by the Buddha. This would enable even ordinary folks to appreciate and put into daily practice the Sublime Universal Teachings.

A critical first step in this direction is to generate a strong consciousness among people about the tremendous real benefits that can be assured by living in accordance with the Dhamma from a young age. There are indeed many concrete ways to incorporate the Buddha Dhamma as an integral part of daily life. Several wholesome practices bearing great benefits which were widely observed since the time of the Buddha, readily come to mind. They include daily practices that can easily be adopted such as fostering healthy inter-personal relationships within the family and among the larger society, welcoming the birth of a child, giving children meaningful self-actualizing personal names; enjoying a happy married life, honoring motherhood as sacred, encouraging holistic parenthood, incorporating Holistic Buddhist Education and Pedagogy in educating and grooming children and inculcating a host of wholesome human values which will serve the individual as well as society.


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