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Rich Corpus of Life- Lessons in the Buddha Dhamma

Increasing numbers of people across the world, including from the economically advanced and developed societies, find the Buddha Dhamma to be highly relevant in living a wholesome meaningful life. Unfortunately, many, including those who profess to be Dhammaputris and Dhammaputras, are unaware of the rich corpus of life lessons and teachings on holistic personal self-development embedded in the Buddha Dhamma.

By default, they fail to benefit from the practical application of the Sublime Buddha Dhamma and in ensuring healthy social structures. These and other highly beneficial aspects of the Buddha Dhamma must be highlighted to encourage people from all strata of society and stations in life to practise the Buddha’s Timeless, Universal Teaching in daily life.

A modest beginning has been set forth by this writer in setting up the Human Resources and Peace Foundation. Among other notable projects and programs the charitable organisation has initiated is the development of resource materials focusing on the practice and practical application of the Buddha Dhamma in daily life and on Holistic Buddhist Education and Pedagogy.

We are delighted to inform that various free resources are available on our website Anyone who is interested to share their knowledge, skills, talents and resources are most cordially invited to share our Internet platforms and facilities provided by our newly establishes Asoka Aramaya, located on 510 Old Kottawa Road, Nugegoda.


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