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The Power of Sraddha

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The holistic way of living in accordance with the Buddha Dhamma have been amply validated by modern scientific and medical research. This further reinforces one’s sraddha (confidence or faith based on Right Understanding and not blind faith) in living the Buddha Dhamma. Sraddha is a vital spiritual ingredient necessary to achieve the goals set out in the Buddha Dhamma. Sraddha is premised on several cogent considerations. Foremost is the belief that the Buddha’s Timeless Sublime Teaching guides us to live a noble and gentle life based squarely on the realities of the human condition and that of Nature all around us.

The unwavering confidence generated through sraddha helps one to be calm and relaxed and face challenges in life with courage, resolute determination and fortitude. Sraddha also entrusts one not to do anything which would harm oneself or another person or persons and Mother Nature. One instead is encouraged to purify the mind of defilements and simultaneously cultivate a wholesome mental self-culture and live responsibly in concord with the Buddha Dhamma.

The power of sraddha will propel us to avoid unwholesome thoughts, speech and actions and to do things which would benefit ourselves and society. According to the Buddha’s Teaching, one must ingrain this cardinal mental self-culture if one is to live a noble and meaningful life. For, this will eschew negative emotions such as greed, anger, hatred, animosity and conflict. In place of harbouring and committing unwholesome thoughts and actions, one would be encouraged to cultivate wholesome emotions and virtuous habits such as contentment, compassion, altruistic joy, humility and mindfulness.


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