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The Spiritual Persona of the Lotus in the Buddha Dhamma

Since ancient times, the lotus has been endowed with a special status of being the prima dona of flowers in a number of civilizations around the world. In the case of the Buddha Dhamma, the blossom has commanded a pre-eminent status throughout the history and civilization of the religion.

The White Lotus Symbolising the purity of the Buddha

The lotus was in fact vested with a spiritual persona since the time of the Buddha. The spiritually-cast blossom holds the rare distinction of personifying the unblemished character, purity, and insightful wisdom of the Buddha which is represented by different hues of the alluring lotus. It is also revered as a symbol of the timeless Sublime Dhamma He bequeathed for the benefit of all humankind. This explains why the Buddha Dhamma is commonly referred to as the Lotus Path. It is little wonder that to this day, the ever-radiant and fragrant lotus is deeply embedded in the psyche of Dhammaputris and Dhammaputras.


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