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The Sublime Teaching of Samagga: Key to Spirituality

The Buddha’s Teaching of Samagga is of direct relevance to the conflict-ridden contemporary world we live in today. The teaching urges us all to regard everyone as kinsmen and kinswomen. The acceptance and inculcation of Samagga is manifest by fostering positive attitudes such as honouring human dignity and extending mutual respect in our relationship with people as well as other living beings and Nature. Such wholesome thinking and behaviour go a long way to ensuring goodwill, harmony and peace in our presently troubled world.

The noble guiding spirit of Samagga also encourages people to embrace multi-culturalism and religious pluralism readily and freely without qualms or misgivings. This is the very essence of spirituality which must be the cornerstone of all belief-systems. A person may belong to another religion but can live a life which is entirely in sync with the Timeless Sublime Teaching of the Buddha. The converse scenario too could very well prevail. There are many who call themselves ‘Buddhists’, yet they portray thinking, attitudes and behavior which are totally incompatible with the Buddha’s Teaching, albeit out of a shear lack of understanding of the Sublime Buddha Dhamma.


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