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Embrace of the Universal Lotus Greeting

A number of compelling reasons urge the embrace of the universally relevant and highly beneficial daily practice in the Buddha Dhamma of greeting one another, “Sukhi Hotu”. [The Buddha’s Sublime Teaching has been erroneously been coined in English as, “Buddhism”. There is no, “ism” in what the Buddha unraveled and taught, as the Ultimate Universal Truth or Ultimate Reality of the Natural Law of Life and Nature. The writer’s preference to use the term, “Buddha Dhamma”.]

Insights into the Universal Lotus Greeting’s universal relevance and significance, which are premised on the Buddha’s Sublime Teaching, deserve amplification. It is equally appropriate to elaborate the rich spiritual heritage, culture and civilization underpinning the spiritually empowering greeting.

These insights provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Universal Lotus Greeting’s profound practice, and, the benefits to be derived from doing so. These insights are especially wanting for ensuring healthy interactions and relationships between and among peoples, and also, between humankind and Mother Nature.


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