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The Parable of the Uprooted Gigantic Sal tree

The Buddha graphically underscored the profound teaching of Samagga by way of the parable of the uprooted gigantic Sal tree. The parable which underlines the rationale and timeless universal relevance and significance of this sublime teaching of merits recall:

Briefly, there once grew a gigantic Sal tree in a vast open valley. It stood all alone away from the other smaller Sal trees, dwarfed shrubs, and a thick undergrowth of creepers and weeds. In keeping with the realities of Mother Nature, the latter smaller trees and plants grew together in harmony as an inter-dependent, mutually reinforcing community.

One day a fierce tempest swept across the plain and uprooted the huge Sal tree. But the much smaller ones and the little shrubs and undergrowth remained rooted. The Buddha stressed that the episode underlined an object lesson to all humankind that this was because they grew together with mutual understanding and trust as a closely-knit community. By living close together in harmony, they were able to protect and safeguard their common interests. Despite their contrastingly stunted growth, they succeeded in collectively shielding themselves from the fierce winds. Likewise, people are to live in concord with one another as one big harmonious, mutually caring human race.


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