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The Universal Lotus Greeting: The New Normal

A heightened impetus to practice the Lotus Greeting has come about in the wake of the frightfully ever-escalating global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new normal mandates “social distancing” among people. The term should rightly be, "physical distancing" for this is exactly what must be observed, regardless of whether the gathering is in a social context, environment, or otherwise. The underlying requirement is to avoid physical contact, between and among people, irrespective of the social setting or circumstance.

Physical distancing, among other restrictions, means avoiding shaking hands, customarily followed in the Western norm of greeting one another which we have been acculturated to practice in modern times. Thus, the age-old compassionate Universal Lotus Greeting has straightaway become an expedient way to greet in the new normal world we perforce have to live in today. This significantly has resulted in the greeting’s instant traction in contemporary society all around the world.

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