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The Wholesome Practice of Namaskara

For a start, an insight into the Lotus Greeting's component parts will appreciably validate its relevance and significance as a highly beneficial daily practice. Attention will focus on its primary components namely, the Namaskara (homage or reverence), Anjali Mudra (attitude of veneration), the compassionate Pratāna (invocation), “Sukhi hotu” and the symbolism of the lotus.

Namaskara refers to the attitude of paying respect or reverence to a person or object which the Buddha encouraged us all to practice in daily life. The attitude of honoring a fellow human being is conveyed through the namaha mudra, (mudra is an attitude expressed usually by a posture), that is, an ancient universal practice of bowing respectfully to a person. This noble humane attitude is expressed by lowering the head and torso to the person being respected.

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