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Why Live by Buddhism?

We cannot escape from the reality that the fast-paced globalised world we live in today is laden with ever increasing competing demands. Life is filled with mounting stresses and strains which manifest in all manner and form of physical, emotional and psychological pain, dissatisfaction and aversion. Such disturbing and hurtful experiences incessantly creep into our lives just like the brightness of the glorious moon is enveloped by foreboding dark clouds which cast gloom of darkness over humanity and Mother Nature.

Life, however, is not completely hopeless and we need not despair like helpless infants. We can find sound reason for hope and optimism by living the Buddha Dhamma. We can take comfort from the fact that the flip side of life’s ever mounting challenges is opportunities. This is true, provided of course, we seriously set about actualising our wholesome aspirations mindfully, based on the Timeless Sublime Buddha Dhamma. Among other notable elements, the Buddha’s Universal, Timeless Teaching offers a holistic framework for ensuring success, well-being, sustainable happiness and peace for not only oneself but also society and Mother Nature. We can find in it a realistic and comprehensive guide for living a meaningful life as billions of peoples have experienced over the past 2550 years.

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